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Job seekers

For skilled workers and masters

Need a new employement?

Are you looking for a job?

If you need a new job that fits your education and your working habits, than you might be reading the right paragraph.

We are a company which welcomes experienced electrical fitters, electricians, electric technicians, who have the will for field work at home and abroad.

In our collective we daily meet, educate and learn about new things in modern technology and human progress in automation and new teh nologies in electrics.

For students

Looking for a holiday job or a job over student services?

All students who wish to gain working habits in the automation of industrial processes during school and all who have the will and interest to learn about practical work of new devices and

tehnologies,which include assembly works (of swtiching blocks, pipes,electrical cabinets…) and electrical assemblies in business and housing facilities, are welcome to join us.


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    epromcom (39) epromcom (38) App5c Zoran

    Independent Contractor

    Zoran Marinovič ie

    He started his business in Feb. 2008.

    With longstanding experiences, which he gained in the field of automation and managing, he decided for the next step in his life; to create his own company. Despite his experiences, he still continues to educate and learn about new technologies. He gives his knowledge forward to his employees, co-workers and friends.